Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The 5th horseman

(Late Morning January 5th 2013- Centennial Park)

Mick stood staring down into the abyss for a long time, trying hard to see the bottom of it. She picked up a stone and held it over the edge then thought better of dropping it.

Shane's voice echoed in her ear " never, ever drop a rock down a big dark hole. It might hit something nasty in the head and piss it off. Learn from LOTR"

She pocketed the smooth stone instead. "Don't won't to end up like that halfling in Samurai Cat." It suddenly occurred to her that the oddly smooth sided hole had just opened up and swallowed most of a city block and she was standing on the edge of it. Who knew when the earth would be hungry again. She backed up slowly and carefully until she was back on the paving stones of the park. The ground felt solid enough but why take any chances?

The park had an otherworldly quality to it. The water on the ground around the fountains had frozen into a thick sheet. Aside from the splashing and the sound of her breath the city was still.

no.... there was another sound now...coming closer. It took a moment for her to identify the distinctive ringing of shod hooves on pavement. Unable to determine the distance of the sound she found some decent cover and shrugged the big pack off of her shoulders before she crouched down behind it.

The rider came into view slowly. He kept the big bay down to a slow casual walk as he took in his surroundings. Mick blinked and took another look not sure that her eyes were working right."what the hell?" A horse and rider in downtown Atlanta was an odd enough sight, this one went a step beyond. The man on the bay was almost completely naked. His only concessions to the cold were an Atlanta Braves stocking cap and scarf and a pair of tube socks.

He gave Mick  a slight nod as soon as he noticed her crouching down behind the stone bench where she'd taken refuge.

"Mornin" he said politely as he ambled on by

Mick closed her mouth and tried not to stare.

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  1. ROLLING ON FLOOR, POUNDING WITH MY FIST. LAUGHING MY ASS OFF!!! Lovely, oh just lovely! Love the reference to Pippen and Moria...why do we all have this instinctive urge to drop rocks down holes....some evolutionary primal button? Can't be survival oriented...seems to bring disaster every time!